Sketchbook #23 Part 3!!

Been going through a lot of uppers and downers with this sketchbook….been having so many sketchbook mood swings it’s crazy.

….In other news I’m starting to really dislike my job.

Sketchbook #23 Part 2!!

Sorry for not being around! I’ve been like super busy…probably even more busy then the president….without a doubt.

I’ve been working on my portfolio and sketchbook for college submissions and stuff for my classes I’m in now. So I’ve got tones of stuff to post…I just need to get around to it.  

Sketchbook #23 Part 1!!

Sorry I haven’t posted my sketchbook updates in a while, been kinda busy with work and crying.

SO BIG NEWS!!…I’m pregnant!…no that’s impossible, I’m just going to be applying to art colleges this year! Or at least that’s the plan, I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish in time. Because of this I’ll be kinda disappearing from the internet for a while, But I’ll be sure to post as much as I can!

So here is my final from my Digital Animation Techniques 1 class at ACC!

We had to had to follow some guide lines one of which was to use an audio clip we could lip sync. Of coarse I used the scene from Joe Dirt where Christopher Walken trash talks a fire extinguisher (like obviously).

The editing in the beginning turned out a bit choppy but that was mostly due to the short time I had to work on it. 

Anonymous asked:

You are so cool at what you do! Keep it up bro! How's your work at sturbucks? Is it stressful? Are you prone to anxiety?

Thanks bro!! You’re definitely gonna to be seeing lots more stuff from me soon!

Starbucks can be stressful, cuz you always have to be on your feet doing something. I find my anxiety is slowly going away since I’ve been slowly getting better. Also I have a bunch of cool people to work with so it makes it way easier.

streetcleaners asked:

The things u do in pen .. Do u do them in pencil first and then go over it? Or do u just draw in pen and wing it? Love ur stuff


Well it depends. When I’m doing a full illustration I work in pencil first. When I’m just out sketching on the train or at Starbucks or whatever I just draw strait in pen. It helps you think about what you’re going to do before you do it.

Chances are when you first start drawing strait in pen its going to look like garbage….and they will for a while (lots of mine still do) but you can draw so much quicker and you’ll be able to see progress just in the first few sketchbooks.

twin-powers-activate asked:

wow you drawings are awsome!!! *bows*teach me master

Haha well thank you very much \(-_-)/ I am truly humbled.

As for teaching…..all I can say is….draw from your heart? I know it sounds cheesy, but its true….

Also draw every day!…A drawing a day keeps the doctor away….

(It totally doesn’t, you could still get sick or run over by a buss or something)

Sketchbook #22 Part 4!!


Just some of the leftovers from sketchbook 22. There were plenty more but these were the only ones I liked enough… block has been responsible for the death of so meany sketchbook pages….

Now on to Sketchbook #23!!!